happy birthday kirby!♥
this little ball made me happier over the years, and I'm glad they exist 🌿 🥰
#kirby #Kirby30th #nintendo #MastoArt

Book cover for the Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic epic series, 'Shadow's Saga'.

Commissioned by a mutual friend for my best friend Pangaladin, who wrote these edgy ass fics a decade and a bit ago, now printed and published and in the hands of the visionary who made it~

This is the edgiest Shadow art i've ever made, and I was a Sonic fan in the aughts. Just wasn't an edgy kid, shrug.

#sonic #art #fanart #gaming

Hello! This is my first time here on the platform! My name's Ameer Ashour, and I am a digital artist that likes video games. I normally do Mario, Sonic, Megaman X, and Chrono Trigger. I can also do some hypno pics, but they're very tame


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