Finding the others. #LiberalValues are worth fighting for. Thank you for this explainer, &

@darius Hi Darius, do you know of a dummies guide to installing Mastodon/Friend Camp?

Challenges, priorities, and progress in anti-censorship technology at Tor

Censorship circumvention is a complex and ever evolving problem, and this blog post summarizes our approach in tackling it.

Read more our new blog post:

We are officially launching the Tor Project Membership Program, a new way for nonprofit and private sector organizations to financially support our work. 🎉

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I've been building a Facebook Events style event organizing system for the Fediverse. It's based on the simple, open source, privacy-respecting event organizing tool

The attached video is a work-in-progress preview and shows compatibility with Mastodon. My hope is to get it working with lots of software, including stuff like Friendica that supports events and calendars.

Check out more at my Patreon:

One problem of doing any #retrocomputing is I get used to bytes and kilobytes again, and then when I see modern junk need megabytes or gigabytes, I flip my shit and scream "what the fuck do you need 325,000 Atari 800s for just to draw a screen?!"

Another day of not being contacted by a semi-governmental agency for a top secret project.

Are there local instances of mastodon for geographic communities? For example being able to register with a phone number matching the community’s area code?
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Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are not private property; they are a fenced-in commons. People don't go there for the servers or the software; they go there for content those companies did not create and for an audience those companies do not own. Without the content and the audience, the value of those platforms is zero.

-- Anonymous

Hoochalaffa's choices: is a Mastodon server for the motion design community. VFX artists, 3D artists, animators, designers and illustrators with an interest in moving images are all welcome.