@Olm_e what do you use for videomapping? Do you know something good that runs on linux? I want to transition from resolume(win) to something on linux.

@Lamaskier I use an ever changing chain of software, from which mapmap, pure-data, blender ... osc is your friend and OBS with videoloopback is great ! also some great tools at la SAT ... and actually Winamp AVS is still so cool for audio driven effects (incl with video loops in the pipes - but not like Resolume) and works great with Wine on linux ;p

I should rework my sets though ... long time I did not played in a gig /o\

@Olm_e wow that's some info. and you spout/syphon from one program into the other?
i scrolled and read the website but didnt tried anything yet. Thats why I asked you to filter them for me a bit. :D
thank you

@Lamaskier ho I didn't knew about that site, the list is extensive indeed, and I would say it worth the time to at least look up on each one ... you could end up with a completely different chain, and yes you can use OpenSoundControl for sharing control signals, and videoloopback or shmdata (with some programming/hacking) to share video streams (or else) between processes at low latency
so taking time to find and explore tools to link will be necessary but rewarding ;)

@Olm_e merci! This is a big help for a quickstart. One mire question: did you worked with multiple projectors, what linux distro do you recommend? Im thinking of linuxmint. I have a nvidia gtx2060 laptop.

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