So I have a couple of artworks I wanna share today, the first one is this Tree of Life. I had a dream that I drew this, so I drew it in real life!
From 2012.

I have this sparkle tiger and I always wanted to animate her. I don't know why I keep animating tigers, the stripes kill me.

I am doing the pokemonathon where you draw every pokemon in order and I'm not gonna lie I'm not the biggest fan of this line but I gotta trudge through.

(I hope I'm doing this right, and hope I don't spam people's feeds by posting this again!)

Hello hello! Still new to Mastodon so apologies for any faux pas. I'm Atticus, and I'm a 2D artist and animator from Brisbane, Aus. I used to work in games, but I'm currently looking at other ways to be able to animate. Here is a little guy for your viewing pleasure. is a Mastodon server for the motion design community. VFX artists, 3D artists, animators, designers and illustrators with an interest in moving images are all welcome.