Hello, my lovely #MastoArt-ists!

February 1st is Hourly Comics Day! :da_w00t:

On Hourly Comics Day, artists and cartoonists all over the world celebrate by drawing one (short, sketchy) autobio comic for every hour they're awake. It's a great way to chronicle your day and get to know your fellow artists.

Please use the hashtags #HourlyComicsDay #HourlyComicsDay2020 #hourlies and #HCD2020 to share your 'Hourlies' with the :fediverse: Fediverse! :make_like_edmonia:

Happy art-ing. :mona_kiss:

#HourlyComicDay #HourlyComicDay2020 is also acceptable. :da_sweat: Make sure you keep an eye on them all so you don't miss out on anyone. :louis_toots_too:

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@Curator I'd love to get into Mastodon.art! I'm doing some right now :3

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