Seeking recommendations for contemporary philosophy discussions (written or spoken) in the Irish language please. Particularly interested in whether anyone has translated Judith Butler, Donna Haraway or Bruno Latour texts.

Táim ag lorg a bheith a léamh nó a éisteacht le rudaí fealsúnachta comhaimseartha. Is mór agam an bhfuil aistriúcháin ó Judith Butler, Donna Haraway nó Bruno Latour ag duine ar bith.


Déanfaidh an dáimh seo go gearr aon chorp: These kindred spirits will shortly form themselves into one body.

Found as a phrase in the 1977 Ó Dónaill dictionary archived on

Perhaps contemporary philosophy was already in Ireland back then.

@ephemeral What a beautiful language Irish is. I do not understand anything (as a German) however just reading the words already gives me poetic images (though probably unrelated ...).

@jayrope it's hard to know if it's related, but yes it is a very beautiful language, even better when spoken/heard than written/read.

I am unfortunately not a native speaker (there are very few - less than 100,000 and some estimates say less than 10,000 fluent). But I have enough of the language to communicate. It is poetic, and also very grounded in landscape and the outside world.

A good English-language book about the Irish language, nature and myth is Manchán Magan's "32 Words for Field".

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