Today a small group of humans (artists, repairers, hackers, breakers, foragers, growers) collectively opened a space in north-west Ireland. This porous territory will host us, at least for a short while. In 2022 this seems like a radical act.

The space is named ^

This is a three storey building for experimental collaboration, creating new work and developing conversations led by ethics of care and contemporary philosophy on the more-than-human. More news soon!

@ephemeral well this sounds great, anywhere I can find out more?

@az thanks!

I guess it's just "watch this space" for now. We're a new group, getting to know one another, figuring out how to work together, self-funded and unpaid, so it might be a couple of months before we get any steady news. A website and group Mastodon account seems likely eventually.

@ephemeral Congrats and looking forwards to hearing more about it!

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