Fedilab app feedback (long - part 1) 

@tom79@mastodon.social Hi Tom! A quick heads up from a user of . I've already told you how this app to me is the best available tool to explore the Fediverse at the moment. And still is. But I've noticed something that it goes against this on the latest releases. You've made the UX/UI decision of removing the "world" icon and so the quick access to the extended fediverse. I don't really use the extra timelines but I can see they might be useful.


Fedilab app feedback (long - part 2) 

@tom79@mastodon.social Although now it's really harder to reach another instance, especially for newcomers that have no idea about it. So my suggestion would be to consider this from a UX/UI perspective as a strong feature of the app that needs to be prioritised instead of hidden. Thanks and keep up the great work!


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