Good morning folks.

I've been building my new pedalboard recently. So far so good. Can't wait to put it in use!

Signal chain:

TU-2 Boss Tuner --> Proco RAT Distortion --> T-REX Moller Over Drive/Boost --> DOD Carcosa Fuzz --> MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe Delay --> Fender Tre-Verb Reverb and Tremolo

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@anarchiv Thanks!

I particularly like the Proco Rat. I had that pedal sitting in the dust for years. It was a gift but at the time I didn't have a use for it. Instead it sounds great and I realised it's a proper Proco Rat from the 90s (serial number <30.000). It roars like a lion!

@thelazyfox I'm replacing some old Proel patch cables (you can see two of them here still) with new Ernie Ball patch cables.

unfortunately I still don't have anything to record with. But I'm starting to play with a new band soon so I will keep you posted ;)

@mauro same for me. I'm stuck on my one man project for years now without proper recording equipment. Since it's a band without live performance I'm actually wondering whether to get proper sound equipment like pedals as well, or just use sound libraries and find matching pedals afterwards in case there will ever be live gigs 😅

@Halbeard Pedals are cool man. Sometimes I run the signal from the pedalboard into Guitar Rig directly with just an amp emulator. So I can play with headphones while still using my live setup. It's not the exact same obviously but it gives me a better idea of my live sound than I'd have with software plugins.

...So technically I could record from there...mmm...🤔

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