For the records: I got obsessed with mechanical keyboards. I just wanted to get a new board because my 3 years old Logitech Orion g810 is falling into pieces (it says a lot about logitech, never again!) and now I'm into this rabbit hole of mechanical kbd nerds!

Any suggestion is very much appreciated though! :D

@emsenn @technomancy wooooh another brand I didn't know about...the rabbit hole gets deeper! :D

@mauro I don't know if I'd call it a "brand" since @technomancy is just one person - and there are lots of mechanical keyboards out there made by solo folk. I just want his the most. :3

@mauro I have one of these at work. The keycaps wear over time, but it really is a wonderful keyboard despite the price. It stays put as I type because its a little heavy and has sturdy rubber feet. You really can tell the difference typing on this one. I have a cheaper mechanical keyboard at home, and it just isn't the same. I'm probably going to buyba code keyboard for at home at some point.

@Charims looks good! I'm pretty sure the keycaps can be easily replaced with PBC double shot if needed.

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