So today I thought I was being scammed instead it was just Adobe being the shit it is. Not only I'm basically enslaved by their subscription model (and their crappy apps) but they are also sloppy with payments and personal informations. I can't wait the day this monopoly will end somehow.

Also it is unbelievable how much leverage a company like Adobe has on the actual life of people. So if for any reason a payment doesn't work you're cut off, you don't have access to the tools to make a living for yourself anymore. It is really concerning thinking about this.

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@mauro I'm so glad I can get by with the Affinity programs, I don't miss the days of dealing with Adobe. I feel like they are slowly getting more and more competition, so they might have to actually start trying in the future.

@conatus yeah unfortunately many industries are stuck with Adobe one way or another, and so the designers...

@mauro @conatus

They really have sewn it up so much and it's hateful. Years ago when I worked in printers we at least had the option of Quark Xpress (a very good software - no idea where it is now).

I am gradually shifting my life away from Adobe software in my own work, but yes, in industry it will take much longer if a change ever comes.

@ephemeral @conatus At least in the 3D realm there is Blender, which can be used in many projects (at least for modeling). But if you need to do any kind of vector or typography animations for the advertising industry (or even for previz UI/UX stuff ) you're stuck with After Effects.

@mauro @ephemeral @conatus why is that? is there a specific feature(s)? network effect?

@zens @ephemeral @conatus mostly is network effect and studios’ pipelines built around it. But also there is a specific workflow that is built around AE for motion graphics. Most of it is based on the integration of proprietary file formats from photoshop and illustrator. And last but not least there is not a real alternative to it in a single software, unfortunately.

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