Desertfest London 2022. I made it out alive, folks.
I feel kinda old for metal shows but it was fun.
We managed to listen to:

Electric Wizard

My ears are still ringing even though I was wearing earplugs.

Too bad we didn't feel comfortable to get into the smaller venues, me and my friend were very often the only 2 people wearing a mask and venues were packed.
Let's hope next year we will be done for good with covid.

So my first ever 10K race had to be "virtual". Proud nonetheless.

For the records, the result of my recent obsession with mechanical keyboards is an Anne Pro II by Obinslab. I had some doubts regarding the 60% layout, especially for the lack of arrow keys but instead the Anne Pro II has a clever system for that: if you tap it'is an arrow, if you hold it's a fucntion key. Awesome!

And it feels great honestly, tactile gatheron brown switches are mounted in mine.

Maybe go back to school and try to study something that may give you a little bit of critical thinking. Then you could start working towards being a better human being.

I really wish this was just fictional, but actually I'm quite too much sure it isn't and that people that have this mentality are way too real nowadays.

Yesterday I did the last hike of the holiday. I went up to 2500m at Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites. Just incredible.

An image from today's 4 hours and a half hike here in Val Badia. Fantastic place!

That's a really tiny me hiking up the hill in the middle. ^^

Basically if you speak German is 5 euros, if you speak Italian is 3... 🤔

Greetings from Val Badia, folks. Let the relax begin.

Good morning folks.

I've been building my new pedalboard recently. So far so good. Can't wait to put it in use!

Is this a (bad) joke?

"Help us defend the Web against tracking" by sharing your results on one of the 3 major tracking offenders on the Web. XD


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