This preset saved my day:

It's free and it works like a charm. Basically it generates animated timers of all sorts and beyond. Without keyframes.

I'm watching some 2.8 overviews videos. The UI looks like a dream, great job. It's really tempting to start using it for .


Super fluid movements and transitions, stunning sound design, loving the ultrawide format.

I know that the tools don't really matter but it's the artists and their craft.. But holy cow . Used only by the best, apparently.

I usually don't like pointless animated gifs instagram style. But this guy makes some really fun to watch little animations.

I'm a huge fan of Simon Stalenhag's work. Someone animated some of his illustrations here :

ALso I can't wait for the big screen adaptation.

Well, Budweiser beer is pretty shitty but this ad is pretty slick. Kudos to the edit on the beats:

So apparently now with a stock photo and a copy you can win international prizes. Especially when you steal good work from online artists.

I've just purchased Composite Brush from . It's invaluable, it saved my day more than once in the last few months. I was able to use it in a studio I was freelancing at and now I needed it for my personal machine. Highly recommended, it saves you so much rotoscoping time and helps a lot in keying out difficult keys. A must have.

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