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I'm working on some UI/UX previz job at the moment. With .

I can really see how someone who have never used After Effects or animated anything would become CRAZY trying to learn AE and bending it to her UI needs...

Really looking forward to the development of and maybe . They are really needed tools.


This preset saved my day:

It's free and it works like a charm. Basically it generates animated timers of all sorts and beyond. Without keyframes.

I'm watching some 2.8 overviews videos. The UI looks like a dream, great job. It's really tempting to start using it for .


Super fluid movements and transitions, stunning sound design, loving the ultrawide format.

I know that the tools don't really matter but it's the artists and their craft.. But holy cow . Used only by the best, apparently.

I usually don't like pointless animated gifs instagram style. But this guy makes some really fun to watch little animations.

I'm a huge fan of Simon Stalenhag's work. Someone animated some of his illustrations here :

ALso I can't wait for the big screen adaptation.

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