I've just got this on vinyl:


What a bright, positive, overall fantastic album it is.

// Sun Ra Arkestra - Swirling (2020)

So this was album of the day yesterday, and for a reason. I didn't know anything about Alfa Mist, but I have to say this album is fenomenal. He moves so swiftly and with such taste between is very enjoyable. 40 minutes of bliss.


Today I went out to the record store and I bought Bitches Brew and In a Silent Way LPs.

That's it, I have nothing more to add.

Album to end the week and start a fresh new one:

Floating Points with Pharoah Sanders and The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises


This album is absolutely fantastic, a 74 years old bluesman from Bentonia, Mississippi, produced by Dan Auerbach in 2019:

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes - Cypress Grove.


Congrats everybody for making it out alive to Friday again.

Mad Season - Lifeless dead:

From the comments: "It's just Rage Against the Machine with the Soundgarden singer." My response: "So?"

Audioslave debut in NYC:


I'm obsessed with this Italian song from the 80s.
Her voice is amazing, from another world really. And the song is super catchy 80s style. I also really like the lyrics which are quite expressionist-ish in a way.

Matia Bazar - Ti sento (I feel you) 1986


Hey Mastodon! It's my birthday. No big deal.

Mood of the day (Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper):


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