// Album of the Day // Klaus Schulze - Deus Arrakis

Today this gem has been released - a last gift from a true master. RIP.


// Album of the Day // Anteloper - Pink Dolphins


An impressively psychedelic mix of jazz improvisation and electronic sounds from Jaimie Branch and Jason Nazary. Out now for International Anthem.

The never ending quest for the optimal music streaming service continues.

Why I'm moving to Qobuz:


// Tonight's Album // Jazz is Dead 12 - Jean Carne


One of my favourites actually. I love the 70s albums on the Black Jazz Records label from organist Doug Carne and his wife Jean, delightful singer. This new volume of the Jazz is Dead series was a nice surprise, and it's quite good, as well.

// Album of the Day // Flock - (by) Flock


An incredible improvisational session by some very talented musicians. I'm always liking these electronic instruments mixed up into the more traditional jazz instrumentation, kinda like Nala Sinephro.

These are great times for music indeed, so much good new stuff out there.

Desertfest London 2022. I made it out alive, folks.
I feel kinda old for metal shows but it was fun.
We managed to listen to:

Electric Wizard

My ears are still ringing even though I was wearing earplugs.

Too bad we didn't feel comfortable to get into the smaller venues, me and my friend were very often the only 2 people wearing a mask and venues were packed.
Let's hope next year we will be done for good with covid.

Headed to the Desert Fest here in Camden. First concert in more than 2 years. Wish luck to my ears.

Time to call it a day.

I'll leave you with my favourite track from one of my favourite new albums of these days.

SAULT - Time is Precious // from their latest album AIR


I think it's time to refresh my

I'm the of mograph.social

I work as a designer around London, UK. Mostly using and . I've been learning as well, and it's my fav now!

I'm also a huge nerd and a bit of an too.

I'm an advocate of the and I build and curate my personal website/blog learning a lot in the process.

Online matters a lot.

Please feel free to follow me if you share any of my interests.

So in the few last days I gradually shifted from an Aphex Twin binge into an Autechre binge.

Now it feels like I went from watching some lighthearted romantic comedies to gritty unmistakable documentaries on the brutal reality of life - physically and mentally punishing but beautifully true and rewarding.

I still love you RDJ, don't worry...

I did a bit of writing about my music consumption habits, with some links to websites I like, equipment and services I currently use.

There's also my opinion about lossy vs lossless audio, nonetheless!


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