@Shamar @Shamar Chiaro, figurati! Ti ringrazio anzi delle info e delle discussioni! Sto solamente esponendo le mie perplessita' a voce alta. :) Si, poi non si tratta tanto dei singoli individui ma piu delle dichiarazioni e intenzioni di partito. Seguo il tutto con interesse ad ogni modo.

@Shamar @Shamar ti ripeto: seguo il tutto con molto interesse, veramente. E mi sento vicino al partito pirata in vari modi che sicuramente voglio approfondire. Il problema spiccio qua e' che non voglio rischiare di dare il voto a un partito che poi mi si allea con la lega o simili. Per cui diventa imprescindibile per me la dichiarazione di antifascismo. Non mi pare qualcosa di superfluo, soprattutto se si vuole anche evitare il modello m5s a dir poco fallimentare, per quanto mi riguarda.

@mmstick Also I'm reeeeeaaally looking to get a Galago pro at some point. But right now it looks to me like some hardware upgrade might be due? I'd rather wait as it would be a secondary machine for me.

@mmstick Actually I did and I wanted to install it but couldn't. I don't recall correctly now but I remember I had some issues probably due to the SecureBoot and the nVidia/intel GPUs...Good reminder though, I might try it again and let you know.

I've learned quite a lot of new concepts and quirks though, I'm gonna retry soon, I think.

I'd love to get back on honestly, mostly for the rolling updates and the pacman system, so I might try out to keep things a bit on the easier side (I don't have too much free time to spend on this anymore, as I used to 10 years ago. Time flies, dear lord).

My recent experience after 10 years I've been missing from the scene, has been troubled:
TBF I'm trying to install it on a laptop which is a bit complicated (Gigabyte Aero 15X v7). Nvidia drivers, UEFI bootloader, SafeBoot always on.
I made it work somehow, after a lot of trial and errors. Recently though, I had to format it out, mostly because of the swap partition encryption not working properly and the root partition that got filled by snap apps backups. Couldn't boot anymore.

@Shamar Grazie, visto adesso. Ottima impressione dell' avvocato, indubbiamente e mi trovo vicino al partito pirata personalmente per molte (ovvie da queste parti) questioni. L'unica perplessita' che ho sempre avuto me l'ha confermata proprio l'avvocato qui: ovvero che nel caso si alleeranno "anche col diavolo". Purtroppo non riesco, personalmente da antifascista, a non percepire il rischio che c'e' dietro una dichiarazione del genere. I fascisti hanno fin troppa voce in capitolo ultimamente

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Una bella intervista all'avvocato Carlo Piana del Partito Pirata, che ho conosciuto anni fa per la sua collaborazione con la #FSFE e con l'#OSI.




I've just posted on my blog a calendar to keep track of jam sessions in . Any suggestion will be MUCH appreciated.


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Working while listening to the latest Sunn O))) album. My software crashed. Coincidence? I don't think so...


I know it doesn't make much sense to share this on Mastodon but i believe it could be useful to re-share this Ted Talk about how the tech giants are disrupting democracy in chatting apps with family and friends. Let's spread the truth outside the Mastodon bubble too:


Happy Sunday Mastodon folks. For me it's going to (hopefully) be a day of relax at home. I want to start reading a few things I have on my shelves and get focused. That's really relaxing to me.

What are your plans for the day?

and what about Electric Wizard? They have some wicked fuzz tones!

I saw Uncle Acid live like a couple of months ago, awesome gig!

I'm a fan of most of these bands! But I've never heard of Alunah. Also I've been to the Desert Fest here in London 2 weeks ago and I've noticed so many people wearing merch of Conan. Never heard of them either, gotta give em a spin!

that's cool, I'd really love to get into some electronics stuff. Well if you manage to make it please let us listen to it :D

I've got a fuzz pedal today. DOD Carcosa to be precise. It's my first ever fuzz effect for guitar. It took all this time to finally realise that the awesome walls of sound I used to love when I was a teenager were generated by fuzz pedals. Think Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr. I mean, I knew what a fuzz was but I didn't know how much it was defining the sounds I was hearing. A lot actually.

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