I know that the tools don't really matter but it's the artists and their craft.. But holy cow . Used only by the best, apparently.


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Hey there! I'm a freelance #UX Designer, preferably working on new technologies like voice assistants, virtual reality, etc., but also creating concepts for websites and apps!
In my free time I love to #code and try out new stuff.
I deeply believe in openness and honesty. I believe collaboratively joining forces is better than everybody competing with each other, especially if we're talking about climate protection. #AMA
#Sustainability #Tech

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I usually don't like pointless animated gifs instagram style. But this guy makes some really fun to watch little animations.


@dom Glad to help! Have you checked Trunk yet?


It's a good start, but in the end I suggest you to take your time, lurk the timelines, check who's following who and you'll get to meet who you like. It's really a huge federation of communities here. There are no algorithms to give you suggestions luckily, so it's up to the people really, and it's good it is like this. Less efficient? Yes. More human? Of course!


hi @dom and welcome to the fediverse! I wrote a quick guide on my blog, maybe you'll find it useful. Cheers!


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RT @elisehunchuck@twitter.com
A letter to the future:
"In the next 200 years, all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path.
This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it.
Ágúst 2019
415ppm CO2"


I'm a huge fan of Simon Stalenhag's work. Someone animated some of his illustrations here :


ALso I can't wait for the big screen adaptation.

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#FollowFriday post for musicians (2/2):


(and point out who I have missed)

Original thread with links to websites/soundcloud/bandcamp etc here:

@lazarski hi! May I suggest to add to your list my buddy @gaffen and his band @hearsepileup ?


I'm a musician as well, although I'm starting a new project now and it's still in its early phase, but I'll keep you posted!

Cheers and thanks for the list!

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It's clear that "technologically neutral" can lead to abuses: Tusky being "neutral because the tech permits it" could have led to more hate speech like "kill all Jews", Mozilla doing "nothing because certs are technically designed to work this way" lets the digital rights of Kazakhs be eroded.

It is clear that technology serves a human purpose, technology doesn't serve itself, so I believe we shouldn't let our human morals be a slave to technology, we should make technology reflect our humanism

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The #introduction toot:

I am an electronic musician and tech/art dabbler. Sometimes I’m struggling to draw a simple circle, other times I’m squinting at Processing code, and at all times I’d really rather just be jamming on a really big Moog.

I am other things and people as well, of course, but little of it interesting, and none of it relevant here, now.

@SolarPhasing I have an Original 50s tele as my main guitar which I'm in love with. Super versatile and it sounds good even plugged into a fridge.

@SolarPhasing a while since I've been on the fediverse! :D Nice to meet you anyway!

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