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"The concept of centralization does not pose a problem in and of itself: there are good reasons for bringing people and things together. The situation becomes problematic when we are robbed of our choice, deceived into thinking there is only one access gate to a space that, in reality, we collectively own."

What can I say? If you, like me, have missed this album in 2017 do yourself a favor and go listen to it at full volume right now (Sasquatch - "Maneuvers"):

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"Decentralization is fundamentally about enabling choice, by breaking up artificially coupled decisions into individual options that can be combined at will. Just as we are free to choose any combination of device, operating system, and browser to access the Web, we should be able to interact with websites and other people without commitment to a single social or other platform."

OK! So I've added a bunch of Stoner/Heavy Psych albums' recommendations on my playlist this morning. I gotta keep up with the younger generations, I guess.
Anyway my fav so far is def Geezer EP "Spiral Fires" which is devastatingly awesome:

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I can't remember who I saw post this yesterday but I think it's a really interesting idea; and something that's worth taking into consideration. I think becoming a 'dark forest' is kinda necessary in some ways; but that we still need outreach and bridges to pull people across from the major social networks etc.

#fediverse #decentralisation #birdsite

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Even though I'm not on Twitter anymore, I see lots of blog posts starting off with some variation of "People are divided! Can't we all just get along?" or "People are so wrong about this! I'll set them straight." Invariably it always turns out that the author got their view of the world from Twitter.

Twitter is not the world. The world is not divided and angry and fighting over every minor thing. It just looks that way if you spend all day using Twitter.

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Listening to some Metal late at night

NEIGHBOR: Bang bang... Can I get some Sleep?

Me: OK!

Hi @jcburns and welcome to! Please have a look around and when you feel ready you may want to consider posting an introduction with the appropriate tag. Also, as you might be new to Mastodon, you can have a look here:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have fun and happy tooting!

Hi @sol and welcome to! Please have a look around and when you're ready you may want to consider posting an introduction with the appropriate tag. Also, as you might be new to Mastodon have a look here for some basic info:

Have fun and happy tooting!

It looks like is down again? Is there a place where I can check if it's a scheduled maintenance? Even their Mastodon instance looks like it's down..

rant about medium 

Good morning folks. Stuck on a train stuck right before my station.

I'm wrapping my head about the today. Really interesting. Any cool resources apart from that you know of?

I've learned quite a lot of new concepts and quirks though, I'm gonna retry soon, I think.

I'd love to get back on honestly, mostly for the rolling updates and the pacman system, so I might try out to keep things a bit on the easier side (I don't have too much free time to spend on this anymore, as I used to 10 years ago. Time flies, dear lord).

My recent experience after 10 years I've been missing from the scene, has been troubled:
TBF I'm trying to install it on a laptop which is a bit complicated (Gigabyte Aero 15X v7). Nvidia drivers, UEFI bootloader, SafeBoot always on.
I made it work somehow, after a lot of trial and errors. Recently though, I had to format it out, mostly because of the swap partition encryption not working properly and the root partition that got filled by snap apps backups. Couldn't boot anymore.

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Una bella intervista all'avvocato Carlo Piana del Partito Pirata, che ho conosciuto anni fa per la sua collaborazione con la #FSFE e con l'#OSI.

I've just posted on my blog a calendar to keep track of jam sessions in . Any suggestion will be MUCH appreciated.

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Working while listening to the latest Sunn O))) album. My software crashed. Coincidence? I don't think so...

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