You can put me on the list – like @conigs I've only been here for a hot second but I'm more than happy to help get some more exposure and conversation going 😁

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Octane, Redshift, Arnold.
Houdini and X-Particles.
Unreal and Unity.


There are so_many_things to learn in motion design.

How do YOU decide what to pick up next? Curiosity, capability – or fear of getting left behind?

Asking as I'm watching a Redshift video, downloading Blender, and picking up an Unreal course at the same time 😁

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with some new people popping up, I'd like to share some tools if I may that people—especially those that work with video/rendering—may find useful

Ramma —detects bad frames in image sequences

Faera — adds visual markers for motion tracking vfx work

Mvrk — composition guides based on dynamic symmetry

Tape — offline-first project management for creatives

you can find these and some other stuff at

Anything interesting come out of NAB so far?

Seems like everyone is launching cloud collaboration tools to compete with

I saw Andrew Kramer came out of hiding to talk at the Adobe booth but haven't heard what he talked about or showed.

I thought AUTOGRAPH was supposed to have a booth but haven't seen anything from them either.

I’ll go first:

• Client briefs are going to be populated with a TON of AI-generated images that LOOK finished but aren’t necessarily animatable/executable.

• On the converse, it’s going to be interesting as a CD having the ability to create quick multiples of a concept and generate a lot of material for photobashing for pitches.

I can’t help but laugh and remember the long-forgotten Brainstorm button in After Effects back in the day - will it make a comeback?

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OpenAI DALL-E 2: will AI rewrite the art game?

As soon as agencies and the slightly more curious/sophisticated clients realize they can type in words and adjust auto-generated images based on their random musings, it SEEMS like working in motion design is going to undergo some big changes.

And if DALL-E3 can generate animations?!?

Check out this video and reply back with your fears, excitement, and predictions!

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