Because there is so much variety in the existing track, the perfectly round outer spiral wasn't going to work.

I've started making a demonstration spiral that conforms to the existing track, and will be the reference spiral for what the characters will make.

Because there are many Outer Spiral Supports, the demonstration Outer Spiral isn't able to sit on the stage, so I'm making a new demo Outer Spiral which will not have legs holding it up in place, but an upper structure that holds it intact as it rests on the existing supports while the remaining supports are put into place.

Today Mr McGlue finished gluing the Eighteenth Placed Outer Spiral Support.

Dr Sugar is about to sit down on the track to hold Zog Rails Supporter.

Pinky is jumping up onto Triple Splitter Small Feeder while G Choppy finishes curving the Triple Splitter Small Feeder Inner Guider.

Mr McGlue has been standing by the Eighteenth Placed Outer Spiral Support for about 1 second, (or 1 month, depending on how you measure).

In the reality where it's been 1 month, I have just actually glued the piece, which is now being held in place by cross locking tweezers while the glue dries.

Today G Choppy started curving the Triple Splitter Small Feeder Inner Guider, a thin bamboo rail brought to the track by Pinky

I glued a piece today!

The thin vertical piece is called Zog Rails Supporter. It will support two thin bamboo sticks (Zog Rails) which will roll small marbles to the piece named Zog, so named because it feeds marbles into the Lower Zig Zag. is a Mastodon server for the motion design community. VFX artists, 3D artists, animators, designers and illustrators with an interest in moving images are all welcome.