When deepdream was published, I made a ten hour deepdream zoom into a land of dog noses and tractors. Disco diffusion is a little more interesting:

Nobody wants to hear it, but I floss twice a day and my gums don't bleed at all when the dentist goes to town on them.

I heard there were no computers in heaven, so I'm not going.

Can pointers still be too high to make sense?

GPT3 Dialog - a robotic Elizabeth Bennet sent back in time from the future to assassinate Mr. Darcy and the haughty woman, Caroline Bingley:

Elizabeth: I'm here to kill Mr. Darcy.

Caroline: How dare you! Mr. Darcy is a gentleman and you are nothing but a filthy little robot!

Elizabeth: I'm not a robot, I'm a human being from the future sent back in time to kill Mr. Darcy.

Caroline: That's even worse! How dare you come back in time and try to kill Mr. Darcy! He's done nothing wrong!

shellsort: we can't prove what the optimal parameters are, though we sure have studied it a lot.

I am back from small-town Kentucky. I can confirm that wearing a mask there ensures your arrival is accompanied by peals of nervous laughter. I'm an entertainer to the core, I guess.

Pro tip: If you wear a mask brace over your disposable masks, wear the disposable upside down so the metal nose brace doesn’t get mashed into your face like a staple.

I forgot that Hewlett-Packard is still a thing and wondered why Harry Potter released a new batch of Chromebooks.

ryg said, if you make something 100x faster you definitely just stopped doing something stupid.

Well I just made something 250,000x faster aaaand yeah this is definitely true

As far as diffusion-model art goes, I've been going pretty hard at various types of owls. This one's founder of an industry empire.

Renaissance renaissance person: Master of painting, sculpture, can design buildings.
Modern renaissance person: has 3 hobbies

Postmortem: The problem was I was setting openGL version to 3.3 when calling wglCreateContextAttribsARB. This doesn't automatically create a profile compatible with the old ass openGL code I wrote.

Fix: either specify a version lower than 3.0, or specify WGL_CONTEXT_PROFILE_MASK_ARB, WGL_CONTEXT_COMPATIBILITY_PROFILE_BIT_ARB. Yes, everything aside from that was fine.

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There isn't really a thing like ShaderToy but for vertex shaders, and "shader designer" or whatever on MacOS is dead, so it's time to break out MSVS and update my old democode to run my new bad ideas.

So far I'm to the point where I have a window that turns whatever color glClearColor is, but nothing else shows. (Wow I did not know how C++ worked when I wrote this.)

What disco diffusion came up for a fake pokemon named "wormle." This and 50 others, but I like the attitude of this one.

Theoretical day off work: I will use my unsold creative energy to move a fun personal project forward:

Actual day off work: I got underwear, a sandwich, and reprogrammed the shades!

(Not shaders. Shades, like, that cover the windows. They were wapping into the windowsills.)

Wow, what am I going to do with all this newly found spare time? Started writing shaders again, for one. There's like, 4 new kinds since last time I checked. (Vulkan is basically an engine shader.)

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