The game is out!

(English version coming soon)

Congrats to @nonamefornowsoft and crew! Can't wait to play!

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I’ll start a journal of the newcomer Unity engine user:

• you need a registration and it looks like I'm trying to resolve any outstanding issues at the city hall;
• apparently you need to occupy 12 GB of space on your computer (I didn't know the games cames already made)

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Here is #Mastoviz. A little website that visualizes your Mastodon Network.

1. Enter your instance
2. Authorize the automatically created app
3. Load your network
4. Explore it

#mastodon #glitch #dataviz #network #sigmajs #visualization #opensource

a short animation short that I made in the last 30 days with the help of Instituto Criar at São Paulo.

(for now only in Portuguese, but the script is really silly actually, haha)


Bem Feito is a "haunted game creepypasta" turned into an actual game, from my local BR scene (by @oiCabie
). Here's a trailer for it, comes out on the 13th! Check it out and see the true horrors behind nostalgia.

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Neofeud is a cyberpunk adventure game about social, racial and economic inequality, police murder, and the prison/military/police-industrial complex, made by a broke-ass social worker/gamedev (me!)

young and stupid, as soon as I entered college I thought that design was superfluous. something about making things beautiful. the first person who made me understand the size of this stupidity was this guy. it's sad in a strange way.

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