New thing in the beta: color labels for . Played around with it a little and surprised at how such a small thing is so handy. They’re asking for feedback, especially around how selection is indicated.

Do people still talk about their journaling? Someone asked about my setup that I settled on for my pocket #BulletJournal, so here it is.
- 3.5"x5.5" Journal (#Moleskine Cahiers)
- 2-page monthly spread, 1-page weekly, dailies as long as needed
- Lots of copying, it helps me remember both what’s coming up (Upcoming on monthly), and what’s happened (to-from weekly/daily)
- Rapid journaling with as little info as needed

Found a new iOS client for mastodon. This actually shows home, local, and federated timelines in a clear way. Free and open-source.

Reminder that you don't need the render-intensive Posterize Time effect or even posterizeTime() expressions to get a lower frame rate look in After Effects.

Lazy question: does the new integration in AE still not import comments as composition markers the way it does in Premiere?

Hand holding marble thing. (I’m really good at naming pictures.) #procreate #maxU #pink #purple

I’m kinda curious about this too. Considering joining different instances to get the feel of truly different communities. I miss that about the days of old before we combined our entires selves under one internet account.

@caitcadieux Oh, hai! I wasn't sure if you'd be up for yet another social network. 😂

Time for an : Motion designer and creative director based in Minneapolis here. AE need for longer than I care to admit. I also write small tools fir After Effects. is a Mastodon server for the motion design community. VFX artists, 3D artists, animators, designers and illustrators with an interest in moving images are all welcome.