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In April 2020 I was due to begin an residency in the UK about networks (forests, community, digital). This is postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

I have compiled the first few months of research into a long-form blog post to outline what the project is looking at, for any who are interested:

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I realised recently that the different publications, video and research from my 'wood wide web' project were a little scattered all over the internet, so I've created an archive page where to link everything together, to find everything a littler more easily:

(reposted because of a typo on the link!)

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I'm a visual working who builds digital media installations. I'm a supporter of and or (digital and physical).

I am working on projects about 'networks' (woodland, digital, human) and planning to use a platform for a project in the UK later this year.

Look forward to meeting or anyone interested in a world built on community!

I'll post some recent here to get started.

Energy and technology.

I've been thinking a lot recently about power consumption of different devices. A friend introduced me to this tremendously detailed series of comparisons on Raspberry Pi power consumption.

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I will write 200-500 words on anything you like if you send proof you gave 18 or more dollars to the Minnesota freedom Fund or other mutual aid institution doing good work on the ground in Minneapolis

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it is a longstanding English tradition for bee keepers to inform their hives of any going-ons in the community, primarily births, deaths and Marriages.

This is thought to be a remnant from the Bronze age belief that bees could cross back and forth into the underworld and carry messages.

It was said if the bees were not kept informed they would leave, stop producing honey or all die.

If there was a death in the beekeepers family, the hives would be given black drapings for the mourning period.

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I am looking for african cliamte activists on Mastodon. Can somebody give me pointers?


"What if an idea of a perpetual, though dynamic and always changing, struggle at the in-between day and night is a much more potent concept through which to comprehend and make sense of our fragile lives on this planet?"

Wonderful live and un-live sound recorded and digitally tinkered with by @luka at sunrise.

"And the remote world, the interconnected but untouchable meat-space of each and everyone, someplace somewhere, logged-on, plugged-in."

Decolonising the Digital (video & transcript)

On the homogeneity of English in computing by Ramsey Nasser, from Deconstruct Conference 2019

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Bee-haviour (bees) 

Bees which don't have enough pollen to harvest will deliberately damage leaves on nearby flowerless plants, which induces them to flower.

Bees will also damage flowerless plants which are close to the hive even if there are flowering plants available to them further afield.

When the same type of damage is done artificially (not by a bee) then the plant does not respond by flowering. So there is more to this bee-haviour than simple botanical vandalism!

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The 2038 deadline for coal, and the 2050 dealine for fossil gas, are truly beautiful concepts from Gazprom point of view as they are guaranteed by nothing but a non-binding political statement in 2020 😂 #Energiewende

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Research on Instant Messaging 

Hi #fediverse! :boost_ok:

I want to identify and properly connect the factors relevant to the choice of users in instant #messenger services. So I initiated my first repository on @codeberg: An #openknowledge project summarising my research so far which is waiting for criticism and contributions! 😊


🔶 ... Examples for #IM in focus: #WhatsApp #Telegram #Signal #XMPP #Matrix #Threema #Briar #Tox #Wire #Jami

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the alternative is a radical theory of personhood which evicts anthropocentrism. fools wonder if we are alone in the universe for they cannot see the comrades with which the planet teems.

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I realised recently that the different publications, video and research from my 'wood wide web' project were a little scattered all over the internet, so I've created an archive page where to link everything together, to find everything a littler more easily:

(reposted because of a typo on the link!)

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If anyone would like to be included on an email list for my ongoing project about networks, you can subscribe here:

On two types of globalisation, 'from above' & 'from below':

"Globalisation from above is a homogenising force..It moves freely and is without commitments, driving the world toward injustice, conflict, war, the polarisation of wealth and resources and must be resisted.

Globalisation from below in contrast, celebrates diversity..It leads to interdependence, attachment and commitment. It needs space on the ground to be made visible..."

Lucy Neal, 'Playing for Time', p140, referencing Stuart Hall

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"One cannot be too careful with words, they change their minds just as people do."

Jose Saramago, "Death at Intervals", translated to English by Margaret Jill Costa, p56

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sundog vs google 

It's been a few weeks since I got emailed by the google api audit team telling me I had to give them a bunch of information about and access to my software that uses the youtube api (namely @nowplaying ).

I attempted to answer their questions in good faith in my first reply. I explained the use case, and the fact that it was a completely non-interactive service. I linked to the source code on github.

they replied with more demands for more detailed answers and access to the toot-lab. I told them to get rekt, I wasn't going to answer any more of their questions nor give them an account on the toot-lab.

they re-sent their most recent request, slightly reworded. I copy and pasted my get rekt response.

I haven't heard back in over a week now, and still have a working API key.

weird things happen when you glitch off the corporate flowcharts.

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Kind of far-fetched, but hey: years ago I saw a web page which was plain HTML (ie. without CSS), and step by step it was turned into something beautiful and readable with a few CSS rules (adding margins, increasing font size, that kind of basic typography stuff). I seem to recall it was meant to teach both basic CSS and basic typography.

Does anyone have a link or remember anything about the title or the author, so I can find it? I just find random CSS tutorials.

Boosts welcome/encouraged!

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@anarchiv britain is actually a fake country that never existed until an increasingly elaborate monty python sketch got out of hand

"Technologies themselves did not lead us astray, but our impulse to develop, adopt, and rely on them mirrors a slow wandering away from the receptive centers of ourselves."

Aylie Baker, "Wave Patterns", in Emergence Magazine 2019

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