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'it seemed like we were moving closer together' is a 2021 interactive art installation about contact, technology, transistors and critters.

Short video documentation:

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Updated (2021):

I make art.

Sometimes I write.

My work is about , including technology systems and complex more-than-human relationships.

I create interactive art installations using wood, paint, drawings, light, electronics, code, sensors, film & sound.

I always collaborate, including with animals, fungi, humans, trees, mould & birds.

I try to make my work accessible and with low environmental impact (please tell me if I fail).

My body is in Ireland.

I'm hopeful.

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#Erase Day 3: Launch of “Erasure” by artist @siusoon with reviews by @fcr and Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Online: designed by Manufactura Independente @aiscarvalho + @rlafuente

On-site #Bergen, Norway: Bergen Public Library, University of Bergen Humanities Library, and KMD Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design

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On Shearing

my wife and I,
are getting closer to the edge,
the margin
where failed strength lives.
Every year
we shear
is a lesson
in fear
learned in struggle.
And to whom does it matter
if I can't grab and tump
a sheep on its butt to be shorn?
It matters to us,
my wife and I,
the proto-peasants.
But there will come a time
when this complaint
will no longer make sense.
There will be no one left
who lived and loved
its truth.
No one.

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Tomorrow, 27 September, our new album is released by Submarine Broadcasting Company. I am ecstatic.

However, today, 26 September, it is henceforth also available at my funkwhale pod.

Despite the chaos in my life this year, work has been completed.

Aside from myself and my regular conspirator, @jayrope and @kynduum are also heard on the album. Glory!

It is my hope that it is pleasing to all.

#music #FediverseMusic #ambient #psychedelic #electronic #experimental

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Drift, an online exhition, lets you discover the intricate strata of code and network that operate to deliver the content of a search. It reveals how these strata continuously evolve, even behind what seems a very well known, stable, familiar web site.
A work

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What is a good resource to teach *absolute* beginners about programming? How to go about explaining objects, classes, variables, functions, methods et al. to someone with zero knowledge about programming languages of any kind? I am particularly interested in stuff pertaining to #supercollider, but any excellent introduction to programming will do!

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I forgot to make the obligatory #introductions post, so here it is.

I'm an undergraduate student in Malaysia studying ecology, which means I'm into conservation, environmentalism and the like. I'm also into computing and local politics, and a wannabe artist/writer with an interest in worldbuilding. I go by they/them, though I'm ambivalent on my sexuality. I've been on the Fedi for quite a while and migrated from to a single-user instance as a learning experience.

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Why does Mastodon not have "mute this thread" yet? It would be such a handy tool for managing the quite common case in which I absolutely want to continue seeing someone's toots, just not to follow one particular rabbit hole as deeply as they do.

Or have I missed something? It seems like such an obviously desirable thing to have that I keep second-guessing if I've just missed it in the UI.

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I'm doing a lil workshop on basic web coding stuff.

Thursday the 30th of this month, 7.30pm UK time.

It's aimed at complete beginners. I'll cover some basic HTML and CSS stuff, talk about hosting static sites for free etc.

Then I think we'll have plenty of time for questions and exploring whatever people are interested in.

It'll either be on Zoom or Jitsi.

I'm by no means a web expert, but I've accrued some useful skills that I want to share!

Reminder: World Fungi Day happening this Saturday! A day-long series of talks with speakers from all over the world, and talks about every continent.

I'm unabashedly excited about this event. It's an amazing line-up.

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Calling all creative folks! Interested in lending your voice to a dramatic reading of a cooperatively written audio drama?

We're looking for 6 to 10 people for a read-through of an audio drama we wrote about a fictional co-op in the future called Mountain Munchies! If you're looking for a fun way to spend a couple of hours being dramatic, we'd love to hear from you :)

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Are there any good fiscal hosts for open source software projects operating in USD that either don't charge a fee, or do charge but are operated cooperatively?

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Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

"Shifting responsibility from the largest carbon emitters to the average person, YOU, is easier to do than solving the problems. ...

We have just witnessed a global experiment in staying at home, not using transport and consuming less during the Corona virus pandemic and all it did was reduce CO2 emissions by 7% in 2020. ...

The concept of your carbon footprint was popularized by the oil producer BP in a 2005 ad campaign."

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In reporting on the fuel shortages, the BBC really had no other choice in who to send.

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Hi all. I'm Lucia. New on the block, here to introduce myself:

-- I enjoy computer music, post-photography, and backpacking. Have built a tiny home and eager to do it again.
-- I also enjoy DIY arts like rave and zine scenes.
-- I like to make music and visual art on my computer and I enjoy exploring livecoding and DSP. Some of it's on my website and i'll prob post some here too, along with process posts.

I also have a presence on Merveilles. This presence will point to that one but i'm quite glad to be here to interact with instance-specific happenings.

See you around!


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90% of donations to the @libreoffice projects are coming from individuals.
Companies unfortunately do not contribute that much in economical or material way on an #OpenSource project that is the major barrier between freedom of choice and a full monopoly by Microsoft in the office productivity market.

Organisations should realise that a strong LibreOffice helps in creating a healthy competition and lower also their costs.

So, please, contribute in any way you can to help yourself.

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@jayrope @packbat @ephemeral thanks for the reminder! I had randomly hopped this thread cause I saw discussion of a tech problem I had a response to but hadn’t even thought to look at the video. I just watched it and it was gorgeous. Really beautifully done piece of filmmaking.

"I feel as if any action I take is akin to a hyperlink, one through space and time. Deciding that a stick needs to come home with me, to be carefully laid out on the scanner, is quite silly...But in that moment of decision, I've also chosen to preserve a link back to the point in time of making this decision. Maybe the stick chose me."

COMPOST Issue 02: Growth Through Replication by Liaizon Wakest

@liaizon brilliant piece.

My 5-minute short film about being-with (and becoming?) sheep through shared vulnerability is screening as part of Tāctus, the 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival.

Feel free to register and watch/rate the films if you fancy.

Because the Exchange Is Complete - 17TH ADAF ONLINE 2021 | Tāctus

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