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'it seemed like we were moving closer together' is a 2021 interactive art installation about contact, technology, transistors and critters.

Short video documentation:

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Updated (2021):

I make art.

Sometimes I write.

My work is about , including technology systems and complex more-than-human relationships.

I create interactive art installations using wood, paint, drawings, light, electronics, code, sensors, film & sound.

I always collaborate, including with animals, fungi, humans, trees, mould & birds.

I try to make my work accessible and with low environmental impact (please tell me if I fail).

My body is in Ireland.

I'm hopeful.

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I always enjoy the stuff that is showcased at #NowPlayThis – A Festival of Experimental Game Design

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Any mastodon server running people care to help me get an instance back up after I somehow messed it up? I am over my head.

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The issue with people not understanding filesystems isn't that people don't understand filesystems; it's that for decades now the leading technology companies have been executing a campaign to strip basic computer literacy from everyone who isn't college educated, allowing the formation of a cult of tech and the mysticization of the process in order to justify monopolies and oligopologies with outsized influence over daily life for everyone on Earth.

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I have crossed the national border on the island of Ireland more times than I can remember. I traversed it six times this week, feeling a little like a needle dragging a thread. A part of me is left in each place and a part of each place comes with me, every time.

Edges are porous.

This might seem trivial, but it is important. The impersonal rejection is very hard to take at times, and I think most artists can feel really deflated afterward. Usually, the reason for a rejection is "the work is very good, but doesn't quite fit our theme/budget/curatorial concept. Try again next year". These small human communications of encouragement are important.

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All of my projects are artist-led by small teams with tiny budgets. Many of the organisations that refuse feedback are internationally recognised with core public funding.

On the projects that I have run where we have an open call, I always ask the selection panel to write a couple of lines about each decision while they are reviewing an artist's work. If someone asks for feedback, I use this text (quickly checked over). It's not that hard to plan ahead like this.

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A lot of art organisations send a rejection letter to proposals with a line that reads something like "we received a lot of applications so please don't contact us for feedback as we can't respond to each request".

As an artist I find this dismissive after spending a lot of time creating an application. As an organiser of art projects I find it untrue – I have never had a problem giving feedback, even when there have been a couple of thousand applications; most people don't even request it.

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cheaply print processors onto materials like plastic and paper

#^PlasticArm: Get Your Next CPU, Made Without Silicon

Known for its core design IP that ends up in everything from IoT to smartphones to servers, Arm is now presenting that it has enabled one of its key microcontrollers in a new form factor: rather than using silicon as a base, the company has enabled a processor core in plastic. The technology has been in the works for almost a decade, but Arm has...

Something moved: lots to cover in my latest e-newsletter.

Transistors, lichen, futures, ants, collaborations: three research projects, a publication and a conversation.

Map lichen are making me rethink boundaries of territory.

Map lichen scanned through a portable scanner, glitched by my hand movement, and obscured by a scratched acrylic sheet are making me rethink boundaries of perception.

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Weak Signaaal #3 Otherworldly Tongues

Listening to the city #swamp during the
#Constant worksession on 16/06 in #Brussels

Check out the underwater recording:

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We are looking for a new member of our Marketing team, with the main focus on designing and maintaining our Website! ✨

You would be responsible for the online presence, both technically and design-wise.

Check the full job description and apply today!

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Thank you all for AMRO 22!

It was an amazing time full of intensive radical openness, shared knowledge, fun, and experiments.

See you all in 2 years !

@fileneed @celesteh @ephemeral @ccl @alcstrt @luka @drkmbnt

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I am now in Berlin for the summer if anyone wants to meet up! I am bouncing around and my schedule is quite free. Am always down to make new friends and talk about all the various things that there are to talk about.

So long , that was magnificent. Well done again to all the organisers.

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Cripistemologies and crip-ontologies are the unique knowlege frameworks and ontologies of disabled people - the wording we are part of, that we participating in, generating by inter-and intra-relating is not pathological. Or ather, it i*s* pathological to the human subject, pathological to that ideal.

I bring this up, because the concept of pathology-as-study of bugs (in sense of dis/ease) is usually assumed to be done with the goal of eradication, returning to ease/"health" etc. [4/?]

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Thinking about some of the things raised in the workshop I was part of yesterday for #AMRO22. There was a chunk towards the end when the audio feed was breaking up for me and I was wondering what that had to say.

The breaking-up of smooth ease was no-one human's direct fault, and yet there was something else happening. Friction, if you like, or a refusal of human needs amd desires as paramount.

There's something there, for me, in a more than human assemblage/agencement sense. [1/?]

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