@athairbirb thanks! I'm not sure I do either but as the posts unfold maybe something will spring to mind. As long as we're learning we're doing something right. Thanks for the interest!

#mastodon is just one organism in furtile ground. You might wanna try to include other #ActivityPub species in your fungal synergy, like #pixelfed #peertube and others.


@humanetech @athairbirb

Thanks for the suggestions. This is brilliant and just what I was after!

Of your list I have only started using PeerTube (videos from the project will appear there).

I have also had recommended in another thread and am looking into that.

The soil is indeed verdant!

#scuttlebutt is very nice, it is #p2p and they are thinking to support #ActivityPub too.

Also take a look at fediverse.party .. it shows the lay of the land.

On the repository where it is developed you'll find a big watchlist of #fediverse seeds sprouting:


@humanetech @athairbirb

Ah, the is terrific. Thank you very much. I'm going to dig in straight away and see what I uncover.

Now I just have to extend the length of a day out to 30 hours per day, and I'll be all set!

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