From the field to the studio.

Work in progress: New interactive installation about interconnection in a newly planted forest.

At Kielderhead Wildwood Project, UK.

Underneath the surface where the tubes are "planted" are a series of strings, the mycelia. They are activated when the tubes are put in place.

All going according to plan*, the inside of the installation will stream live this weekend when on-site visitors are guided through a ritual of connection.

*tests have gone well but the internet is notoriously unreliable in this area, and there is no phone signal

Studio update, above and below ground.

By taking part in planting, a person activates more than just the tree above the soil. The fungi below live and thrive as co-conspirators in the collective ecosystem. Community-as-forest creates a community-made-forest.

Hope in collaboration.

Phew - long day installing today.

Visitors on-site will create patterns in the darkness by introducing light.

Live stream online via peertube starts in about ten hours - link will be shared tomorrow.


A very choppy livestream using the Northumberland internet has started from insde this installation, and will run all day. It will change based on what happens inside the exhibition space with?the people on site. Not exactly riveting watching, but maybe interesting to check in on the changing aeshetic from time to time (new groups arrive every 20 minutes)...

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