My love language is when you eat the last slice of pizza so I don't have to look at it anymore, because even though I want it I don't want everyone to see me take the last slice

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My love language is letting me pet your dog even though he's trained to ignore me

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My love language is acts of killing the dungeon boss for me, because I only like the adventure and the puzzle parts of the game but I want to play the next level

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What's your love language? (Only wrong answers)

Learning to make your own clothes is not so much about cutting and sewing, its mostly about ripping stitches out after you realised you've connected details the wrong way.

Do you know anyone who is streaming live music (DJ or liveset) online tomorrow evening that would like to have their vid embedded in my virtial birthday party 8pm CEST onwards?

I have a backup twitch stream but its just generated playlists and I would rather promote and add a tipjar for someone ✨real✨

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Which way do you stand when you shower?

It's mostly wholesome, but I particularly love the strange suggestion to fill your neighbours letterbox with old christmas decorations which I just can't see a reason for that's not a great prank for your spiteful chaotic christmas energy needs.

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Really enjoyed this list of ideas for things to do for Christmas, alone.

I recommend to anyone who is spending this alone, or someone who just needs some alone-time this crazy season.

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If you are new to Masto & interested in #gardening & #plants, use these hashtags to find other plant nerds & gardeners :plantmage6: :plantmage1:

If you post photos of anything plant-related, inc trees, foliage & fungi, #Florespondence is very popular, & #Sporespondence for fungi. Tag & follow @plants. Anyone following this account will see your post.

Do try to add image descriptions to your posts. It makes your posts accessible to a wider audience on the Fedi.

🌻 :garlic: 🍆 🌸 🌳 🍄

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Thank you so much to everyone who has sent in e-bookshop suggestions! Keep 'em coming!

Indie e-book shops, publishers, and authors are a great source of amazing stories that don't get the coverage they deserve from the big retailers. Support them!

What's your recommended storage solution? I want to store & projects that I'm working on (mostly and dev, maybe some video) and also share files for and feedback and such.

GOOG/AMZ/DBX alternatives appreciated 🤘

Do you decorate your house for the winter?

Do you make your own decorations?

Would you share your tips and ideas with me?

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Had a cosy crafty Sunday evening making decorations, this is giving me major bord vibes. Special thanks to my partner in crime for indulging me in a 4 hour long search for pinecones.

Bonus: My house smells delicious now

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This channel has an extremely weird and fun aesthetic. A material scientist telling silent stories while making kitchen knives from things that shouldn’t be made into knives.

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