Had a cosy crafty Sunday evening making decorations, this is giving me major bord vibes. Special thanks to my partner in crime for indulging me in a 4 hour long search for pinecones.

Bonus: My house smells delicious now

I bought a new Midi controller and I'm head over heels. Been meaning to replace my Korg Kontrol for a long time but didn't think I'd need to do it so soon

Got SUPER lucky and found this Arturia Keylab with a producer in Pberg who says he bit off more than he could chew buying a keyboard - only too happily took it off his hands for a more than reasonable price (it was a damned steal)

Also painted my nails today and they lookin cute 💅

I just got seen by a guard in Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake and I would like to see a medical professional about the thing that my heart just did.

When you're writing in your journal and you suddenly discover that is the love of your life


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