Working while listening to the latest Sunn O))) album. My software crashed. Coincidence? I don't think so...

I've just purchased Composite Brush from . It's invaluable, it saved my day more than once in the last few months. I was able to use it in a studio I was freelancing at and now I needed it for my personal machine. Highly recommended, it saves you so much rotoscoping time and helps a lot in keying out difficult keys. A must have.

Hey folks! (and whomever might be interested as well)

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I've just published an article which is meant to be a quick guide for Mastodon newcomers. I think it might be quite helpful:


I really dig @indie and their Ethical Manifesto. As a designer I work mostly in advertising, not the most ethical ecosystem ever...but I'm always interested to more ethical business alternatives where my skillset may be useful.

I've just stumbled upon this article about what the is and why you should join it. It might be very useful and informative especially for newcomers and curious minds.

Hey fellow 3D designers, have you ever wondered what's the magic behind your fav 3D software? What is a matrix and how is Einstein related to your daily job? (OK maybe I'm overshooting a bit here). Anyway this is a cool video about the behind it:

Stunning title :

It's not easy to design symmetrical graphics without being plain boring. Loving the art deco as well here.

Hello !

I'm still setting things up, BUT! this is the first toot from, a new Mastodon server for the community.

Registrations are closed until I manage to set everything up properly. Bare with me. is a Mastodon server for the motion design community. VFX artists, 3D artists, animators, designers and illustrators with an interest in moving images are all welcome.