Hey folks! I'd like the kind people at Trunk to add a Motion Design list. To do so we need at least three accounts that wants to be on the list. Anyone interested?

Trunk is a directory of Mastodon accounts organised in interests based lists to help newcomers finding people to follow. Check it out.


Oh the irony! :D

Apparently there's a documentary about SpaceX on Netflix. The titles are quite nice looking though! The projected textures reminded me of Lost in Space opening titles, another Netflix show. Looks like its becoming a Netflix aesthetic mark.


DNEG presentation at SIGGRAPH with a super interesting breakdown of Dune VFX:


How To Start Creative Thinking (Design, Animating, Illustrating and more)

a video by Emonee LaRussa


Here are all the winners of the Motion Awards 2020:


There are some real gems in here! What are your favourites?

So Scott Benson just released another guide for Octane, this time is about the Camera:


Super useful as always.

If anyone (like me) is starting to learn Octane, I've found this guide which is pretty well done and super useful (to understand the render settings):


So today I thought I was being scammed instead it was just Adobe being the shit it is. Not only I'm basically enslaved by their subscription model (and their crappy apps) but they are also sloppy with payments and personal informations. I can't wait the day this monopoly will end somehow.

Have you tried yet? It's a new and promising software from Mainframe UK. I still have to give it a good try but it's so interesting. Basically it works a lot like in but for 2D animations.

It's still in beta but it's free to test.


Well, in the spirit of open source (somehow), here the people at Ordinary Folk share a lot of projects. There's definitely a LOT to learn from these.


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