I think it's time to refresh my

I'm the of mograph.social

I work as a designer around London, UK. Mostly using and . I've been learning as well, and it's my fav now!

I'm also a huge nerd and a bit of an too.

I'm an advocate of the and I build and curate my personal website/blog learning a lot in the process.

Online matters a lot.

Please feel free to follow me if you share any of my interests.

I'd like to add some sort of email subscription service on my personal blog/website so my friends and family can stay up to date easily but I don't feel like using Mailchimp. I hate the idea of sharing email addresses of people with 3rd commercial parties, honestly.

I wish there was a privacy conscious alternative...

Anybody knows anything about it?

It’s so sad in 2020 to still see people on centralised social media like IG and FB still getting upset over bans and still calling their profiles “my” account. “I’ve built my account in 2 years and now they’ve stripped it away from me!” “I’m an influencer!”.

It doesn’t make sense. Nothing is yours, you’re just using someone else’s technology paying with your personal data.

I really hope that 2020 will bring more awareness to people on the internet, we all really need it.

does anybody here have any experience into on Infomaniak? What's their white paper? How's their support service? etc...

boosts appreciated


rant about Google and privacy 

I've just noticed that my dumbass Oneplus 3t, probably after upgrading to Android 9, has reanabled Google photos which I banned as much as I could years ago. It got reanabled and all the photos on my phone are now on Google drive.

I never thought I'd say that but it's time to get an iPhone.

The only decent XMPP + Omemo client for Windows is currently Gajim. And it's AWFUL. I can barely read the chat window. Serious UI issues.

I would ask for alternatives but I don't believe there are any judging from here:


Prove me wrong.

What did I do for my bday? I've joined disroot.org. And I'm going to support them on Patreon as well. Because we need more of these kind of projects and communities in our "modern" life.


Hey folks, I'm looking for an alternative server to the official matrix.org one. It's not easy to find a reliable matrix server honestly. Also I'd like it to have support to some bridges like IRC and Telegram maybe.
I'd like something that is not runned by a single individual or as a weekend project, but more like a community effort to which I might even contribute with some donations in case.

Can you help me getting oriented?

Boosts appreciated!

I've just update to 67.0.1 and this new Firefox Monitor thing pop out. I connected it to my Firefox account and now it's monitoring the related email address for data breaches. What I don't like though, is that it prompts me to give them more email addresses to monitor. It smells like centralisation of personal data too much to me.

I know it doesn't make much sense to share this on Mastodon but i believe it could be useful to re-share this Ted Talk about how the tech giants are disrupting democracy in chatting apps with family and friends. Let's spread the truth outside the Mastodon bubble too:


New article on my blog about Centralised vs. Descentralised social media. Please check it out and feel free to share it if you find it interesting.


Is this a (bad) joke?

"Help us defend the Web against tracking" by sharing your results on one of the 3 major tracking offenders on the Web. XD


What if in the (near) future we are bound to become a huge hivemind entity, and our actual sense of identity and personal self is destined to disappear?

What if we are just trying to resist something bigger than ourselves, that is written day by day, generation by generation in our DNAs?

What if evolution doesn't want us to be individuals for the sake of our own survival as a species?

The most truthful article I've ever read about services (aka don't use them as a magic remedy):


So I'm a fervent user especially for its oriented features. Today though I've been messing around with and it's quite good! It's def more an Evernote replacement, so you can "clip" web pages and add images to your notes, you can also hyperlink your notes together as a wiki.
I've also setup a free account at a hosting space with to upload Joplin's backups. It's been a bit of a mess but it's finally all set up and working perfectly.

Now, it's so weird how one tries to stay up to date on all the best oriented services and still manage to miss something so intereseting as Soverin email.

Great competitors of Mailbox.org and Posteo IMO, features and price-wise.



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