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hi @ulkamak and welcome to Feel free to have a look around and when you're ready please post an introduction with the appropriate tag.

If you have any questions regarding or Mastodon in general please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have fun!

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📯 📯 #Introductions 📯 📯

Hello. My name's Ciara, and I think it's time I introduced myself. I'm a pixel artist, voxel artist, game developer (working on it), and homemaker. Recently, I finished this voxel model of an Apple Lisa II.

I've been on Mastodon for a pretty long time, but I've only just recently started being more active and open. I also hang out at and and

Looking forward to getting to know more of you. 🐻

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Let's give this a second try.

I'm Matt, I front a #punk/#rock/#grunge band called Hearse Pileup.

I'm a #lefty #programmer with a keen interest in #socialjustice. Fight Club makes me feel like an #ancom but I'm not sure.

I like #oss software and #creativecommons media. I'm interested in getting more involved in the #squat scene, specifically supporting activists with my music. I don't see enough #livemusic and #london scene is dying.

Looking to meet like minded #musicians and #activists!

Today I'm WFH and I'm getting ready for the Desert Fest tonight here in .

Is this a (bad) joke?

"Help us defend the Web against tracking" by sharing your results on one of the 3 major tracking offenders on the Web. XD


What if in the (near) future we are bound to become a huge hivemind entity, and our actual sense of identity and personal self is destined to disappear?

What if we are just trying to resist something bigger than ourselves, that is written day by day, generation by generation in our DNAs?

What if evolution doesn't want us to be individuals for the sake of our own survival as a species?

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Slavery 2.0 and how to avoid it: a practical guide for cyborgs

(This is the original English version of an article that I wrote for Issue 32 of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes – The German Federal Cultural Foundation – magazine.)

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So far so good. UK government just delivered on the 1st demand of #ExtinctionRebellion, declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

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#mastoAdmin has blocked the instance, because they removed all abilities for us to report abuse to them. They also removed the ability for their users to report abuse from our users, which is also pretty troublesome.

While we normally do not announce instance blocks, this is a fairly serious action on their part and needs to be pointed out publicly.

The safety of our users in the Fediverse is very important to us.

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1) I wrote about how #Purism could've avoided their current bad publicity,
2) I'm sharing my essay about how #Facebook is financially affiliated with Russian propagandists to promote #FakeNews,
3) I'm making progress on my satirical fantasy setting, #Teraum,
4) and I shared my poem about #Privacy and personal data tracking

Have a nice day!


The most truthful article I've ever read about services (aka don't use them as a magic remedy):

Obviously has End to End Encryption same as .
Also it is . ANother slight drawback is that it is an Electron app...whatevs...

So I'm a fervent user especially for its oriented features. Today though I've been messing around with and it's quite good! It's def more an Evernote replacement, so you can "clip" web pages and add images to your notes, you can also hyperlink your notes together as a wiki.
I've also setup a free account at a hosting space with to upload Joplin's backups. It's been a bit of a mess but it's finally all set up and working perfectly.

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"The purpose of this new suite is to give people legitimate alternatives to mainstream products, while still respecting their privacy."

I don't follow , but my OH is watching it so I am too. The photography of battle scenes on this episode reminds me of one of my fav movies that is Excalibur by John Boorman.

Just saying.

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