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📢 We Made One of the Fastest Mandelbrot Renderers on the Web with AssemblyScript and #WebAssembly.

🗨 Read our blog post here: bit.ly/3wOxlSR

Hey y’all,
Are there any minimalist blogging platforms/services/tools you guys use?
Just something that is self hosted and can spin up a good looking blogpost from like, a markdown file or something like that.

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I have a few more of these little ones. Fountain pen on card.

The point of existence is to be kind and rick roll your loved ones

Hey guys!
Checkout this project I’ve been working on with @pretentious7


It’s super exciting!

Latest frame. I'm not really satisfied with he aesthetic direction this taking.
It's not really ugly? But, there's just something missing. I think it's the simplistic style. It needs to be more expressive.

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I’m doing this cuz i want to combine illustrations, animation & interaction design into a compelling narrative.

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I'm confused about what other explorations should go towards?
I'm leaning towards the simpler style cuz it's easy to draw while also looking good.
But, in my head (when i came up with the idea) I visualized it as a more anime-ish complex art style.
I'd really like some kind of simple, noir, monochrome mood references.

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Starting a thread to document the stylistic exploration and development of "HIT"

"The Kid"


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